Frustrated with the amount of tax you pay?

Did you know that you can legally reduce your tax by 50% or more – and RAPIDLY grow your wealth? The rich do it. Why don't you?

STOP Paying More Tax Than You Have To

Too many mid to high-income professionals and business owners are so busy with their careers and family lives that they lack time to focus on tax minimisation strategies. As a result, they lose up to 47% of their gross income needlessly and repeatedly every year.

Ask yourself the following:

  • How much money am I losing in taxes each and every year?
  • When was the last time I sat down with a tax specialist who understood effective strategies to reducing my tax burden and growing my net wealth?
  • Is my accountant qualified to recommend strategies that can permanently minimise my tax expense? And if so, why am I still paying so much tax?

Tax Planning: The Most Critical Component To Your Financial Security

When you combine direct income tax, which is the amount of tax you pay on your annual income, with indirect tax, meaning everything from GST, sales and super taxes, to capital gains, fuel tax and all the different stamp duties, your tax burden adds up to the single largest expense you will ever pay and the biggest drain on your wealth creation potential.

Once taxes are paid, your remaining net income is all you have to cover your home loan or rent, investments, living expenses, your children's education, travel, and entertainment. Meanwhile, inflation, which has now surpassed wages in growth, brings that cost of living up year over year - stripping your purchasing power even further.

That’s why strategic tax planning is a critical component to getting ahead. You can realise rapid results with annual tax savings that compound year over year.

Isn’t it time you stopped paying tens of thousands of dollars more than you should?

Contact us for an introductory meeting and see how you can dramatically reduce your taxes and significantly improve your financial security.

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Not All Accountants Are Tax Effective

Taxes are the single greatest barrier to financial security. This is because we live in a high-tax environment, with a tax system designed to drain a large percentage of what you earn. Without a detailed plan in place, a plan that prioritises the interdependent tax implications for each decision and financial action you make, your earnings could easily stagnate or decline even further over time.

Meanwhile, the typical run-of-the-mill accountant is more focused on collecting tax documents and inputting data into tax software at the end of the year than they are in counselling you on legal tax shelters. Even if they knew you could grow your wealth by safeguarding your assets from taxes, few are experienced enough with the system to tax-effectively increase your net worth.

That’s why financially savvy individuals and business owners, including the super wealthy, use specialised accountants who intimately understand the complexities and dynamics involved in our ever-changing tax system—both in how it works and in strategies you can use to reduce your obligation, increase your cash flow, and optimise your personal and business assets.

How Can Tax Effective Accountants Help You?

At Tax Effective, we focus on one thing—helping our clients implement proven strategies to permanently and consistently reduce their tax bill and shelter their hard-earned income.

Our tax strategies can help you:

  • Cut your marginal tax rate by 50% or more
  • Make your home loan 100% tax deductible
  • Accumulate wealth through tax effective investment strategies
  • Pay off your home loan in a fraction of the time, saving you tens of thousands of dollars
  • Shelter income through tax structures that distribute funds to lower-earning family members
  • Increase your return on investment by (ROI) investing in concessionally taxed structures
  • Defer or even eliminate capital gains tax on your investments
  • Boost your retirement savings by tens of thousands of dollars by accessing your super while you work - tax and risk free
  • Draw tax-free income from investments (legally) to fund profitable opportunities

And so much more!

How Much Tax Do Our Clients Actually Save?

If you’re still working with a run-of-the-mill accountant, STOP. Our tax accountants specialise in tax reduction strategies that help clients dramatically increase their net income and net worth.

Our strategic tax planning services can make a significant impact on your lifestyle and net income.



Medical Professional

We designed a custom plan helping Nestor save $31,500 per annum in taxes, instantly pay off his non-tax deductible home loan debt and eliminating hundreds of thousands of dollars in future capital gains tax liabilities.

Alan and Stephanie

Professional Couple

Alan and Stephanie are executives who were paying tax at the highest marginal tax rate of 47%. So we designed a custom strategy that reduced their taxable income by $48,980 and increased their net wealth by $912,000 in just four years.


Business Owner

We created a plan to help Joe automate his business while implementing business and personal tax strategies and trust structures that helped him save $123,000 in taxes per annum. Our plan also enabled his expansion into four new profitable businesses while amassing a sizable property investment and share portfolio.

Are you concerned about the amount of tax you pay? How would you like to significantly cut your tax payable? Tax Effective could save you tens of thousands of dollars in taxes each year.

Schedule an introductory meeting and see

how much tax you could save today?

Tax Effective Accountants, Your Financial Hub!

At Tax Effective Accountants, we know how busy our clients can be. That’s why you don’t need to live in Sydney to benefit from our tax planning services. We’re easily accessible, meeting either at our office or online. Gain the expertise and advice you need even if you can’t take time out for a commute.

Based in Sydney CBD, we provide you with specialists able to manage all of your financial needs from tax planning through tax returns, business and tax advisory, property investment, financial advice, trust and asset protection, and self-managed super funds. We intimately understand how each area of your finances can impact the next, devising comprehensive tax strategies to elevate net worth.

Who Can We Help?

Tax Effective is ideal for you if you are:

  • Serious about reducing your taxes and growing your wealth
  • Settled into a career, but behind when it comes to tax planning
  • A higher-income yet time-poor professional or business owner who is unable to implement tax and financial strategies on their own and wants someone to handle everything on their behalf
  • Someone who knows they need to do something but isn't sure what
  • A business owner paying too much in tax and interested in a tax-effective business and personal finance restructuring
  • Serious about taking action now to realise rapid results

Who Can’t We Help?

Unfortunately, we’re not the right accountants for everyone.

If you’re looking for a low-cost accountant to save money now and forego tax savings and wealth accumulation down the road, we’re probably not the best choice for you.

We’re also not right for you if you’re unwilling to take action today, or are lacking financial resources, savings, or real estate equity. But we’re always here if those circumstances change.

Is It Time To Make The Switch To Tax Effective?

If you continue to postpone your tax planning strategy, you’ll keep paying too much in taxes—potentially tens of thousands every single year.

And if you continue to work with your run-of-the-mill accountant, someone who—until now—has not helped you reduce your tax obligation or grow your wealth, you’ll also continue to deplete your net worth.

Have you considered taking the same steps ultra-high net worth individuals and business owners already take to reduce their taxes and grow their wealth?

We could help you legally shelter your hard-earned income from taxes by implementing the same strategies and structures already in place by the wealthy—because they’re available to everyone.

Let’s begin building a strategy that will significantly increase your cash flow and grow your wealth.

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