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Get the maximum tax refund as well as strategic tax advice that can legally save you tens of thousands of dollars in income tax each year.

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Why work with Tax Effective Accountants virtually?

We get it. There are a hundred things to do every day and for whatever reason, you simply can’t get to your accountant’s office to get your tax return sorted.

At Tax Effective Accountants, we’ve got you covered.

Combine the confidence of having an expert take care of your tax return with the convenience of not having to make an office visit. Whether you’re at home, stuck late in the office or on-the-go, we’ll do all the work.

1-on-1 with an expert tax accountant

Get your tax return prepared by a highly qualified tax accountant not an automated computer program. Receive the 1-on-1 personal attention you deserve.

Maximise your tax return

No more worrying about missing valuable tax deductions. Work with an expert who’ll ask you all the right questions and find every deduction to maximise your tax return.

Minimise your ongoing income taxes

Discover tax planning opportunities, strategies and structures that you can implement to legally save tens of thousands in income taxes each year, moving forward.

Your personal data 100% secure

We've been doing tax returns online for years. Have the confidence in knowing your personal data is 100% safe and secure.

Painless online tax return process

There’s nothing you need to learn, download or input. It’s a simple online process. You make an appointment, attend your meeting online, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Responsive, just like you want it

Eliminate the frustration of having an accountant who never gets back to you. We respond to all client queries within 24 hours, so you’re never left wondering.

“Tax Effective Accountants not only got be a big tax refund, they provided me with strategic tax advice that helped me slash my annual tax bill by an average of $32,263 per annum. And we did it all virtually.”

Michael, IT Consultant

Michael, IT Consultant

See the difference Tax Effective Online can make

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Here’s how easy our online tax return process works

Make an online appointment

Book an appointment time that’s convenient for you. We're open from 8:00am to 8:00pm Monday to Friday and from 9:00am to 1:00pm on Saturdays (AEST).

Connect with your accountant online

Your Tax Effective accountant will get to know everything about your personal tax situation and provide you with an estimate on your tax return fee.

We'll prepare your tax return for you

We’ll crunch the numbers and file your tax return with the Australian Taxation Office. Your tax refund will be directly debited into your nominated bank account.

Receive complementary tax advice

If you earn $150K+ a year, we’ll analyse your data and identify potential tax strategies that can reduce your taxes even further. A complimentary online strategy session will then be arranged to discuss your options.

Who our virtual tax return service is ideal for?

Our clients range from busy professionals, executives and business owners to investors, pilots and medical professionals who typically earn $150,000+ per year.

We prepare all kinds of online tax returns, from individual to sole trader, company, family trust and self-managed super fund tax returns.

Get your tax return fully prepared & lodged by an expert tax accountant today!

When it comes to online tax returns, there’s simply no comparison. Trust the team that ensures you receive the maximum tax refund while bundling complimentary tax advice that has legally saved our clients tens of thousands in taxes per annum.

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Frequently asked questions about our online tax return service

How much do you charge for online tax returns?

Individual tax returns start from $250 and sole trader returns from $330. Entity, trust and self managed super tax returns and financial accounts are quoted separately.

What’s included in my price?

Included in the price of your individual or sole trader tax return is a complimentary tax planning session valued at $395. Note that you have to earn a minimum of $150,000 to be eligible.

How are you different from any other online tax return service

There is a massive difference between our online tax return service and other online tax preparation services. Here is a simplified table to illustrate the difference.

Tax Effective Online

Other Online Services

Work with expert tax accountants

Work with an automated computer program

1-on-1 personalised meetings

Follow online prompts only

Takes the time to learn more about your specific circumstances

Relies heavily on what you know

Asks the right questions to catch all your tax deductions and to maximise your tax return

Program relies on standard default questions and you have to figure out all your eligibale tax deductions - which usually results in expensive tax return errors and unclaimed deductions

Maximised tax return

Below standard tax returns

Receive complimentary tax advice to reduce your ongoing taxes every year

No tax advice what-so-ever

Not cheap but reasonably priced. 100% tax deductible and worth every cent

Very cheap. Also 100% tax deductible, but you get exactly what you pay for in results

Ideal for busy people who want to get the maximum tax return and to implement strategies that can save them tens of thousands in taxes per annum

Suited for people who have lots of time on their hands and don’t mind trying to figure out our complicated tax system so they can cut the cost associated with their tax return preparation

How long does it take to prepare my tax return?

This depends on the complexity of your return. In general, once we have all your information, your tax accountant will complete your tax return within 7 days.

How do I pay for my tax return?

We provide different payment options. You can choose what’s best for you. You can choose to use your debit or credit card, or make an electronic funds transfer.

Who is my tax accountant and how do we interact?

You’ll be assigned with a highly qualified tax accountant who will take the time to understand your personal tax situation and get you every deduction you’re entitled to. You and you accountant will communicate by phone, email and online video.

What if I earn less than $150,000, can I still use your online service?

Yes, you can. However, your opportunity for additional tax planning may be limited. If we do see tax planning opportunities, we will advise you like we do for every other client.

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