Creating wealth through negative gearing

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The power of negative gearing

When you tell people to think of negative gearing, what comes to mind in most cases is simply that “negative gearing is just when your property expenses are higher than your rental income.” While this is correct, not many people really understand how powerful negative gearing can be and what results it can help you achieve.

In actual fact, many of our clients have made millions of dollars by using negative gearing to purchase property, shares and businesses over the medium to long term.

Is negative gearing risky? It can be. However, if you’re smart about it, the risks can be considerably reduced and easily managed.

What you’ll learn from reading your ‘Negative Gearing’ e-book

  • How powerful negative gearing can be
  • How negative gearing can fast-track your wealth accumulation
  • How you can save tens of thousands in taxes and create hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars with the right gearing strategy
  • How to negatively gear a residential property
  • How to negatively gear into shares
  • Exactly how the numbers work
  • What are the risks of negative gearing and how you can manage them?
  • Who negative gearing is ideally suited for
  • And lots more

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If you download your free e-book today, we’ll throw in a free negative gearing session valued at $395 where we will put you in contact with an experienced tax accountant and wealth adviser who can help you:

  1. Review your current gearing structure to ensure that it’s as tax and investment efficient as possible
  2. Determine whether a negative gearing strategy is suitable for you
  3. Customise a negative gearing wealth accumulation strategy to fast track your family wealth
  4. Show you strategies that can make negative gearing safe

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